Due date 

May 12, 5:00pm EXACT!

Doors shut at 5:00pm

Hello designers! Garment turn in day is Friday May 12th 

-Room 224 Milam Hall from 11am-5pm

-Please bring garments on hangers (keep your garments bags they usually get lost)

-Plan to spend about 15 minutes filling out forms. We will need to know who your model is and your preferred line-up order. For accessories please place them in a ziploc bag with your name on it. We will provide them for you. 

-For shoes please talk to your model. If you want them to wear something specific you can provide it or see if they own something close to it. For example if you want heels or tennis shoes let the model and us know and we can all work together to get it the way you want. 


Any designer not in room 224 Milam Hall by 5:00pm has not turned in their garments on time. We will allow garments to be turned in by 8am the next morning for a $20 per look fee. This means if you have half of a look completed and you need to finish a jacket or something for a look then you can turn it in late for $20. If you have an entire look not completed and you want to work all night and turn it in the next morning by 8am it is $20. The money goes towards the show. Any questions talk to Marianne.

Judging DAy

We will email you a google doc link to show you the runway lineup which is the same order we are using for the judging day. This allows us to practice the changes for the fashion show, etc. Thank you so much for working with us! 

What is the judging event? This is the opportunity for you to present your individual looks/collections to people from the industry. I have 5 judges confirmed:

Kathleen McNally - Creative Director of Saxx Underwear - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-mcnally-8335292a/

Angel Snow Vice President of Design Culture & Community l Nike inc- https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-snow-123616/

Meghan Collins Technical Developer II  Nike Mens Running - https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-collins-aa58004a/

Sarah Moore 3D Project Manager at Columbia Sportswear - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-moore-9a956527/

Ameeta Larson Head Apparel Designer and Creative Director Sporthill- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameetalarson/

Bethany Imperial 3D Apparel Development Specialist for Browzwear North America - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethany-imperial-7abb7783/


You as a designer are given the opportunity to meet with the judges in Room 337. This is your time to present your garments. We will have your garments on your model with hair/makeup completed. You are in charge of deciding their shoes and accessories. The judges are all experienced with this process (we have been doing this for a few years and rotating judges). They want to hear you talk about your inspiration, why you designed what you designed, who your customer is, talk about your materials, what you learned. There will be access to a computer and projector if you want to pull up a power point or your pinterest page. I would advise to bring any sketchbooks and any visuals you want to show.

If you have a collection you will have around 10 minutes and if you have a single garment you will have around 5 minutes to present/talk about your garments. That leaves a few minutes to hear from the judges/feedback and talk about your design(s). We have shared the google document with the schedule for you to see roughly when we have you scheduled. Please arrive about 20 minutes before your time to prepare to talk. We don't want you to be rushed. 

Photoshoot with

Evan Badden's

Photography class

Evan Badden is a Photography instructor here at OSU and he worked with our designers last year. He has his advanced lighting photography class complete an assignment of shooting a fashion shoot on location. We will send you a link to a google doc that his class as access to. He will pair his students up with you and they will contact you about your collection.  This is your opportunity to direct a fashion shoot for your collections. You need to style them, talk to your models or provide your own and schedule when you can meet with the photographer. The images in the past have come out incredible and ready for your portfolio!  I highly encourage you to participate! Again I will send a google doc and share it with his class. They will contact you from there. (Think about what you would like for your shoot and you can meet with the photographer and plan it all out!) ENJOY!!